Just send us the basic info to get started Eg. Artist or Band name, best contact details, etc. We can always add more later.


Submit music by sending us Download Links, Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer or Post an audio cd or usb stick. We prefer wav files. mp3 or aiff is okay. The higher the quality the better. 256kb/s mp3 is okay, 512kb/s is better. Aim for around 5 MBytes for 3 minutes of song. Bandwidth and mobile devices are constantly improving. We want you to sound awesome and listeners to have a great experience! If your songs have ID Tags that’s great! If not, we can sort out ID3 Tags if necessary. Scroll down for more ID Tag info.


If available email or upload a 600×600 or larger album cover image .jpg or .png for each album, EP or single. We prefer PNG format, no bigger than 1000 pixels. If you’re unsure, send a quick message to the Contact Page We’ll help you sort it out.


Send us a link to your music or at least 1 or 2 tracks for us to check. We’ll give you an honest opinion whether we think you’re good to go, need a bit of tweaking or need a bit more time and help to blossom. We are supportive of artists and can assist with a network of industry mentors, creative, recording and mastering options to help you move ahead. We might even add a new genre to suit your style!


We check all tracks, then let you know when we’re ready for more content. If the music is not in the format or quality we need we’ll let you know. When it’s all good, new content goes live on Zooki.org apps.


We’ll contact you to make arrangements when we have a payment for you. Please do not send banking details until requested. Your content earns a royalty from streaming on Zooki.org or any other sales we make using your content. We pay when the payment threshhold is reached. Any information is stored on our secure servers & will not be given to any third party.


ID3 Tag fields include Song Title, Album Title,  Release Date,  Artist, Band, Album Track Number, Composer/s, Lyricist/s, Genre, Images etcetera. Fill in as much info as you can. If  you don’t know what to put in some fields leave them blank for now. They can always be edited later.

If you don’t have an ISRC code leave it blank. Our Free ID Tagger app sets a default starter code. GrooveBaby can generate a Free ISRC for each song after you upload it.

IDTagger is a Free App for GrooveBaby Artists to edit mp3 ID Tags.

Click Here To Download ID Tagger (Windows) (not available at the moment)

Download ID Tagger (Mac OSX) Coming Soon!

After downloading IDTagger, just drag or copy it to your Desktop. No other action needed to install it.


  • Double Click the icon.
  • Read the Help Tab about the Auto Buttons. Auto Button saves you lots of time!
  • Put your songs in folders as follows…
  • Your Artist Name/Your Album Name/Your Song names
  • IDTagger’s Auto Buttons will fetch the folder names to fill in the songs ID Tag info
  • If your song file names include numbers eg. 01-Song1.mp3, leave them like this as IDTagger will strip the 01- part off and label the song as Song1 in the ID Tag.


  • Click  Select mp3 File.  
  • Select ONE song track, from the File Viewer.
  • Double Click on the file you want to edit.
  • Or highlight the track by clicking on it, then click Open.


  • Fill in the song’s details.
  • Press the Tab key to go to the next tag field.
  • For more than one Lyricist separate names with  /  or  ,
  • For more than one Composer separate names with  /  or  ,


  • Easy! Just Click Save.


Add the album or single cover image. Add an Artist image if there is no album cover image. ID Tagger App can add images INTO mp3 Files
Use PNG, JPG or GIF images. We prefer PNG format.

  • Click Add Image.
  • Select your images ONE at a time.
  • Click Save.
  • Images add to the size of the mp3 file.
  • Images around 250 KBytes (0.25 MByte) are fine.
  • A 0.25 MByte image ADDS 0.25 MByte to the mp3 file size.
  • Respect listeners bandwidth.
  • Keep image sizes low, but reasonable web quaity.
  • Image pixel size of 500 x 500 is preferred.
  • Rectangular shape images are okay, but resizing and cropping may occur. eg. 520 x 420 pixel (width x height) is okay.
  • We currently only use ONE image from the mp3 file during streaming.

ISRC (International Standard Recording Code)

  • If you already have an ISRC enter it into the ID Tag.
  • If you don’t have an  ISRC code Upload the mp3 file anyway. We can autmatically generate one for each song. GrooveBaby gives our Artists FREE ISRC codes.
  • You own your ISRC’s. If you want ISRC’s prior to Uploading, visit www.groovebaby.com.au and email an ISRC request to  admin@groovebaby.com.au

We developed our own ID3 Tag App to help Artists!.

  • ID tags are important for you. It helps track your music so that we can pay you.
  • Tags let listeners see info about Artists and connect more. Please add ID Tag info before Uploading songs!

Editing your Profile bio (not available at the moment)

Just cut and paste text from another document into your bio. Eg. You can copy text from your facebook or other social profile. It’s always a good idea to keep a copy of your bio in a document on your hard drive. Eg. An Open Office doc or Word Doc etc.

Adding Facebook, Instagram and Youtube links to your Profile.

You can add links to your Facebook, Youtube, Google+page, Instagram etc onto your Profile.

If you want to add a link read the following:

  • Go to one of your pages Eg. facebook/Youtube etc.
  • Copy the address in the browser at the top of the browser.
  • See the image example below.
  • Copy the entire link, including any numbers at the end, into the appropriate section in your Profile.
  • Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of your Profile page.
facebook example